Guneet Kohli A* Conference paper Acceptance

"Hey Community wanted to share with you all that recently got two workshop paper accepted at EMNLP 2022!"


Soumyadip Sarkar Won bronze medal in HPA+HuBMAP kaggle competition!

"They launched a community activity at the end of June, in which they encouraged people to work on a project, write a paper, and compete in Kaggle competitions. And at that time HuBMAP competition was underway, so I played around with the data a bit. But after seeing that post, I was more motivated to devote more time to the competition. Which eventually resulted in a bronze medal."


Sanya Sinha First paper acceptance!

"So excited to share that my first research paper 'A Comparative Analysis of Transfer Learning-based Techniques for the Classification of Melanocytic Nevi' has been accepted for publication in Springer's Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering Series!"


Gagan Goutham 1st Author paper Acceptance!

"Happy to share that my first co-authored research paper 'Semantic Segmentation on Martian Terrain for Navigation for Transformers' has been accepted for publication at 7th IEEE International Conference on Recent Advances and Innovations in Engineering (ICRAIE 2022), NIT-K Surathkal."


Aamir Miyajiwala Paper Acceptance

"Happy to share that my paper 'Towards simple and efficient Task Adaptive Pretraining' has been accepted at AACL-IJCNLP conference 2022."


Adit Magotra Secured Internship!

"Finally got an NLP Research Internship at a university! Took almost 100 emails over the year (People don't want to host a high schooler) Thank you so much everyone. Really appreciate it :) Love this community btw!"


Thashmitha B S Secured Internship!

"Guys, I am happy to share that I will be working as research intern at NUS. Thank you @Ashish for posting the opportunity."


Yaswanth Gali Secured Internship!

"Guys I am super excited to share that i will interning at University of South Carolina. Thank you @Atharva Kulkarni for posting the opportunity."


Sanya Sinha 2nd paper acceptance!

"Thrilled to announce that fellow Cord member @Nilay Gupta and I presented our 2nd research paper in the IEEE ICCCIS'22 on Classification of Melanocytic Nevi using BigTransfer The community is an amazing space!!"